About Us


Italian brand Dopodomani, is a distinct family buisiness, born over 10 years ago from two enterprising, incredibly creative Italian sisters.

Veronica (Graphic Designer) and Tiziana (Architect) in company with their daughters Giulia, Valentina and Carolina, started selling from their workshop at their office of architecture and later on bazaars. In 2009 Veronica decides to return to Italy, to enter the European market.

Valentina, Tizianas’ eldest daughter, is a Interior designer with a masters in Interior and Industrial Design from the “Accademia Italiana” in Florence. She is currently the general manager of the family business and she is responsible for both national and international sales.

Dopodomani begins to attend the largest and most prestigious jewelery fair in est and most prestigious jewelery fair in Italy, “VICENZAORO” and be published at “VOGUE ACCESSORIES” Europe, the leading jewelry and accessories magazine, today Dopodomani continues to attend the fair that takes place three times a year.

Working with its line of semiprecious stones and recognized in Europe since 2009, it has managed to introduce Venezuelan talent, delivering their products to different countries in Latin America.

However, after the last launch of the new silk line, the brand has been an outright success in Venezuela, which has given them the opportunity to cross over into the American fashion industry.

The particular style that this brand has is recognizable from a distance. All accessories are, 100% hand made, the semiprecious stones, gold and silver threads used on the “Gemstones Line” and the Silk ribbons, natural stones plus Swarovski crystals used on the “Silk Line”, provide the product with a colorful, unmatched, innovative and unique brilliance.

For now, two collections are in production. The “14 ky Goldfilled and Semiprecious Stones” line and the “Silk Semiprecious Stones” line and the “Silk extremely successful in Venezuela. Lately, a Dopodomani evening clutch line is being designed in the workshop along with the design and detailed production of exclusive belts.

Materials used are 100% Italian, worked and hand made.
We bring all our products from Italy. All our belts, handbags, brooches and headpieces (we do many bridal) are unique.